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All turf area should be fertilized minimum 6 times per year. In some cases more or less applications may be required depending upon the annual weather, type of fertiliser and turf species. We use organic fertilizer - EM Lawn care. A thick lush green lawn with just one application in the spring and one application in the autumn.

* Contains silicate volcanic ground rockdust sourced from volcanic sources

* Complete lawn care in granule top dressing. Easily absorbed after rainfall. 

* 100% organic - safe for your children, pets and the environment

EM Lawn Care is Naturally rich in nutrients, trace elements and soluble silicic acids which promotes a stronger grass root, less weeds and elimination of moss.From the mineralogical point of view EM lawn care prehistoric rock granules has a very high content of zeolites - zeolites are hollow-part minerals with astonishing qualities.Zeolites are able to store nutrients making them available later. Reduces the effect of calcium deficiency by it’s alkaline effect and stabilises the soil to an optimum pH.

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