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shrubs and trees

Trees and shrubs are essential elements in your landscape, adding color, structure, texture,focal points. All of them have different requirements. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring their healthy growth.

pruning and trimming

We offer small tree/shrubs (under 30ft) care : pruning, stump removal, hedge trimming.

There are three categories of pruning which we do: 

  • Renovative pruning: removing crossing and dead shoots, dieback, pruning to retain variegation

  • Regenerative pruning: some plants require yearly, heavy pruning to produce strong,large leaves and healthy, colourful new stems. Other plants grow much more vigorously and flower more profusely if prunned annually.

  • Formative pruning: pruning to achive and maintain a desirable form.


All trees and shrubs are monitored during maintenance program to ensure early detection of existing or anticipated problems. Our Maintenance Program focuses on maintaining healthy plants that stimulate their natural defense systems. If, however, pests become a problem, the Contractor will use integrated pest management (I.P.M.) methods to maintain a more natural balance.


Fertilizing trees and shrubs is not necessarily an annual ritual. In some cases more or less applications may be required depending upon the plant species, plant's conditions, the annual weather. If a plant is not doing well we will  fertilize to correct the situation. We usually use organic fertilizers.


Mulching is helpful to suppress weeds, provide nutrients, improve soil conditions and keep moisture. Shrubs and trees  can be mulched any time between autumn and late spring after any fertilizer application.


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