Garden construction



We offer a full landscape construction service: building our own designs following our professional Garden Design service, building your own design or just construction a simple idea of adding a feature to your garden. All works will be carried out to the highest quality with attention to every detail.

turf laying

Turf laying is the easiest and fastest way to get a beautiful lawn. Turf can be laid all year round. We will prepare the ground: break up the soil using a rotary cultivator, rake, level the ground and  install drainage where needed.

We supply a "Grade A" turf.


We can provide you planting service from filling gaps in existing borders to complex planting schemes.  We supply high quality plants to suit your needs such as color, scent, structure. By choosing the right plants we will take type of soil, moisture, shade into consideration to ensure that your plants will thrive.


There are many styles, heights, colours and materials for fencing. We will help you decide on the best one to suit your needs.


Eye Ar Garden has many years of experience in laying all types of patios.

We will help you choose from a huge range of styles, sizes, colours, patterns.


We will survey the area, then plan  your deck according to your needs and requirements such as type of wood, size, lighting, extras. We always use wood from sustainable forest sources.Yellow Balau is one of the most popular species in the UK for hardwood decking.

A newly installed garden must be cared for and maintained to ensure that it will grow and continue to thrive. We can offer you our professional Garden Maintenance service.