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pielegnacja ogrodów

Our Garden Maintenance team offers both regular and one-off garden and grounds maintenance services throughout the year for residential and commercial gardens, developments, schools. Our sustainable garden management allows us to minimize the need for pesticides.We avoid chemical fertilizers. 

A well maintained lawn provides so many benefits such as play and relaxation areas for families, and adding beauty to our homes. Lawns provide many environmental benefits such as the ability to stabilize soil against water and wind erosion. 

We offer: mowing, edging, trimming, fertilizing, aerating, scarifying, top-dressing, overseeding, insect, fungal and weed control.  

Flower gardens require constant maintenance to look great.

Our Flower Bed Maintenance service includes: preparing beds and cultivation, planting annuals, propagation and transplanting, weeding, fertilizing and mulching, dead-heading, insect, fungal and pest control


Trees and shrubs are essential elements in your landscape, adding color, structure, texture,focal points. All of them have different requirements. Proper maintenance is key to ensuring their healthy growth.

We offer: stump removal, pruning and trimming, fertilizing, mulching, spraying.


We offer more services to suit your needs:

  • Vacuuming and blowing

  • Hand-sweeping

  • Removing snow

  • Washer pressure cleaning

  • Spring clean-up

  • Fall clean-up

  • Removing litter

  • Soil testing



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